Ordinary Time 2021

The Feast of Christ the King – 21st November 2021
And so our liturgical year draws to a close with the declaration of Christ as King.

33rd Sunday – 14th November 2021
Looking towards the end times as we come to the end of our liturgical year.

32nd Sunday – 7th November 2021
We sit and observe the widow giving all that she has – an invitation to reflect on giving.

31st Sunday – 31st October 2021
Love your neighbour as yourself – it sounds easy……

30th Sunday – 24th October 2021
“What do you want me to do for you? Jesus asks….

29th Sunday – 17th October 2021
We hear a jockeying for a place of honour taking place and how Jesus responds to this.

28th Sunday – 10th October 2021
We meet a man faced with a difficult choice – how would I respond in this situation?

27th Sunday – 3rd October 2021
We have a challenging reading on marriage, one that invites us into reflection to deepen our understanding.

26th Sunday – 26th September 2021
We continue our journey with the disciples struggling to understand.

25th Sunday – 19th September 2021
We see a jostling for places of honour and Jesus’ response.

24th Sunday – 12th September 2021
Jesus askes that difficult question but one worth pondering – who do you say that I am?

23rd Sunday – 5th September 2021
We encounter the healing of a deaf person and are invited to consider in what way we are deaf and in need of healing.

22nd Sunday – 29th August 2021
We return to the Gospel of Mark.

21st Sunday – 22nd August 2021
We come to the last section of this teaching of Jesus on The Bread of Life

Feast of the Assumption – 15th August 2021
We journey with Mary to visit her cousin Elizabeth.

19th Sunday – 8th August 2021
We continue evolving our understanding of the Bread of Life within us.

18th Sunday – 1st August 2021
We continue with John’s revealing the Bread of Life to us.

17th Sunday – 25th July 2021
Jesus feeds the 5,000

16th Sunday – 18th July 2021
Jesus invited them to come away for some quiet time.

15th Sunday – 11th July 2021
Jesus sends the Apostles in pairs to bring the Gospel into the towns and villages around them.

14th Sunday – 4th July 2021
What is it in us that still sees the ‘local boy’ and doesn’t allow us to see the person he has become?

13th Sunday – 27th June 2021
Jesus acts against the established tradition for the sake of something greater

12th Sunday – 20th June 2021
Jesus calms the storm but wonders at their lack of trust.

11th Sunday – 13th June 2021
We hear the parable of the mustard seed.

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