An Examen at the end of your day

The intention is to reflect back on the presence of God within you over the day

The piece of music below, Spiegel im Spiegel, is 8 minutes long, use it if you wish during your prayer time, it has a very gentle rhythm to it.

Spiegel im Spiegel Arvo Pärt

As you begin, find a comfortable position one of ease but also aware of your presence. 

Drawing in your breath deeply…… holding it momentarily, then releasing it slowly, holding that emptiness momentarily and then breathing deeply again…..

Taking a moment to intentionally place yourself before God……., who is always there waiting for you, looking at you, smiling at you as you become aware of this presence loving you. 

As you become tuned to this reality, offer your day, as it comes towards it’s end to God….asking God to reveal the day to you as God sees it, and especially in the context of the phrase you carried throughout the day.

Ask God to help you to see it in a spirit of gratitude, even if at this moment you do not have a sense of anything in your day to be grateful for…..we open ourselves in this deeply felt desire to be grateful…..

From getting up this morning the different activities of the day, the different encounters, frustrations, successes, hopes, disappointments, delights, hurts and events of the day right up to this moment….. let your day play back again………. allow the images to unfold, without judgement or controlling them. trust that  God is in this revealing of moments in your day……..

notice the warm spots and the cold spots and give it to God to bless…..

Bring to mind one or two points that delight you…..and still delight you as you recall it…..this is any event or moment in your day that brought you a sense of joy or satisfaction or something that just moves deep inside you saying ‘yes’

See this as an offer that god was holding out to you and thank God for not only the offer but also for having been able to accept it…… be there again without trying to explain it or analyse it, just be there and give it to God with joy…..

Now bring to mind anything negative that surfaces for you….. a word, a thought, a reaction….. that left you saddened, annoyed or angry….. 

This could be something that you said or wished you hadn’t said or perhaps you kept silent when you should have spoken…….. it might have been something that God was offering… opportunity…..but you backed away or could not accept it…..

No explaining, reasons or analysis for now, simply accepting it…… if there are things that you would rather not look at now…. don’t force it but also don’t suppress it….. whatever the negative in your day, acknowledge it and own it now…….give it to God to heal…..

Finally, thinking ahead … looking forward…. coming out of this reflective space….. see in your imagination the rest of your evening ahead or the plans you have for tomorrow …..  we bless this time ahead of us….. God has been with you throughout this day, offering you opportunities….. and will continue to be with you calling you into fuller relationship…. tomorrow and for all the time to come…….

allow God to fill it with hope

And now we turn your attention to your space once again….. and the sounds or silence around you…..