On Returning to Eucharist – Reflective Process offered by Fr. Kieran O’Mahony

Over the Sundays of July and August the Gospel readings were from John 6. Fr. Kieran O’Mahony provided a set of resources aimed at inviting us into a reflection, either personally or in a group setting, on Returning to Eucharist.

In introducing it he says:

The forced abstinence will certainly have left its mark. We may wonder what we missed, why we missed it and what sense does it now make to return to the worshipping community and the Lord’s Supper.

Therefore, as a particular support this year, he offered a study/lectio paper entitled “On Returning to Eucharist: John 6”. This essay can be used in conjunction with a series of extra gospel explorations. These are devoted to John 6, with a special introductory video on the background, layout and purpose of John 6. These resources are accessible through his website www.tarsus.ie or by selecting the following links:

John 6 Introduction
John 6:1-15 Multiplication
John 6:24-35 Seeking
John 6:41-51 Homily, part 1
John 6:51-58 Homily, Part 2
John 6:6-69 Conclusion