Day 6 Welcoming others

We Begin

Let us begin by lighting a candle, making the sign of the Cross, quieting ourselves and welcoming God into the space where we dwell and into our mind and heart. 

Play this music Love Burn Bright by Tony Alonso to aid in coming into this space of prayer.

Love, burn bright, Tony Alonso / Liam Lawton / Chris de Silva, Pilgrim Album

Scripture for today

“Go and bear fruit, fruit that will last” (John 15:16b)


When we let ourselves be transformed by Christ, his love in us grows and bears fruit. Welcoming the other is a concrete way of sharing the love that is within us.

Throughout his life, Jesus welcomed those he met. He listened to them and let himself be touched by them without being afraid of their suffering.

In the gospel account of the multiplication of the loaves, Jesus is moved with compassion after seeing the hungry crowd. He knows that the entire human person must be nourished, and that he alone can truly satisfy the hunger for bread and the thirst for life. But he does not wish to do this without his disciples, without that little something they can give him: five loaves and two fish.

Even today he draws us to be co-workers in his unconditional care. Sometimes something as small as a kind look, an open ear, or our presence is enough to make a person feel welcome. When we offer our poor abilities to Jesus, he uses them in a surprising way.

We then experience what Abraham did, for it is by giving that we receive, and when we welcome others, we are blessed in abundance.

“It is Christ himself whom we receive in as guest.”

The rule of Taizé in French and English (2012) p. 103

“Will the people we welcome day after day find in us men and women radiant with Christ, our peace?”

Jesus Christ,
we desire to welcome fully the brothers and sisters who are with us.
You know how often we feel helpless in the face of their suffering,
yet you are always there ahead of us
and you have already received them in your compassion.
Speak to them through our words, support them through our actions,
and let your blessing rest on us all.

Questions to carry through your day

  • When you meet new people do they find you “radiant with Christ”?
  • As we pray together for greater unity how are we showing Christ’s welcome to other Christians?
  • What are people hungry for in your community?

Other passages of Scripture you may like to use

  • Genesis 18:1-5                  Abraham hosts the angels at the Oak of Mamre
  • Mark 6:30-44                    Jesus’ compassion for the crowds

End with playing this piece of music from Bernadette Farrell, Spirit of God

Spirit of God – Bernadette Farrell

And we end – In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen