Children’s Liturgy 2nd Sunday of Easter

Begin with a few moments of quiet.

Invite all present to sit comfortably.
When sitting comfortably, take three deep breaths, as you breathe in feel your lungs filling all the way up, when they are full slowly release your breath and feel your lungs emptying out fully. Repeat this three times.
Now return to breathing normally.

Opening ourselves to the Presence of God in our lives

Have a conversation, allowing each person present a few moments to think about and to reply to the following.
Thinking back over the week, let us share with one another
What is it that I want to say thank you for?
What is it that want to say I am sorry for?

If you like to listen to some quiet music during this, click on it below .

Introduce the Gospel

Today is the Second Sunday of Easter
Today we hear how Jesus appeared to his disciples, but how one of them, Thomas, found it difficult to believe that Jesus was risen from the dead. Let’s find out what happened.

We are going to read from the Gospel of John.

Read the Gospel

Late in the evening the disciples sat huddled together feeling sad and afraid. The doors of the room were locked to stop the Jews finding them. Suddenly Jesus appeared in the room with them and said, “Peace be with you.” They were amazed when they saw him and could hardly believe their eyes. Jesus showed them the wounds in his hands and where his side had been pierced by the sword. They were filled with joy and wonder.

The disciple called Thomas was not with the others when Jesus appeared to them. When they told him that they had seen Jesus, he said, “Unless I see for myself the wounds in his hands and side, then I will believe you.”

Several days later, when Thomas was with the other disciples, Jesus appeared to them again. He turned to Thomas and said, “See the wounds in my hands and feel the wound in my side and doubt no more.” Thomas fell to the ground and said, “My Lord and my God.” Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen you now believe, but blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.”

Have a Conversation about the Gospel

Use some of the following questions to help in having a conversation about the message in the Gospel.

After his death and rising from the dead, Jesus appears to his disciples, and wishes them peace. How did they feel when they saw Jesus alive again?

One of the disciples wasn’t there when Jesus appeared. Can you remember who that was?

And what did Thomas say? Did he believe the others when they told him they had seen Jesus?

Thomas said he would not believe that Jesus was risen from the dead unless he saw it for himself. Thomas wanted to see the holes in Jesus’ hand, made by the nails on the cross. 

We are all a bit like Thomas sometimes. Can you remember a time when you didn’t believe something someone told you, until you’d seen it for yourself? 

In just the same way, it isn’t always easy for us to believe in God and Jesus. Even though we listen to the gospel, and hear about God’s love for us from people at church, home and school, it can be difficult to keep believing when things go wrong or when we are sad or afraid.

But what does Jesus say to Thomas? 

Jesus appears again to Thomas, shows Thomas the holes in his hands and wishes him peace. He tells Thomas to believe, and he proves that he is real. But he also says, “How happy are those who believe without seeing me!”

What do you think this means?

We are blessed by God, because we believe in Jesus even though we haven’t seen him like the disciples did. Even though it is difficult for us to believe sometimes, we try to remember that God always loves us. 

Let us try not to be like Thomas this week. Let’s do our best to believe that Jesus is the risen Son of God, to remember God’s love for us, even in the saddest and hardest times and to share the peace of Christ with each of our family members.

Jesus Appears to Thomas

End with a prayer

Dear Jesus, I cannot see you, but I know that you died and rose from the dead for me. 
I believe you are always at my side and that you will love me forever. Amen.

An Activity

Here are some activities you might like to complete during the coming week as a reminder of this Gospel today. Puzzles Page

A Challenge for this Week

Have a chat with someone – your parents or grandparents.  Chat about believing in Jesus rising from the dead.  Talk about Thomas.  Why did he find it hard to believe?  Are you like Thomas? What can help you to believe?  When we chat, we are being like the first disciples, figuring out what we believe and why.